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10 easy ways to inject colour into a space without renovating

Tired of your uninspiring interior? Perhaps a splash of colour is all you need. These foolproof methods are guaranteed to revitalise your home.

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Decorating with neutral colours is a safe and timeless way to go, as seen in many minimalist and monochromatic interiors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with vibrant colours from time to time. A pop of colour here and there can do wonders to a space. Here are some simple and foolproof methods you could adopt, and most of them are renter friendly too. Best of all, they require zero renovation.

#1 Paint
how to inject colour to a space - design by Versaform

A fresh coat of paint can instantly change the look and feel of any room. Not to mention, it’s one of the most inexpensive methods when it comes to introducing colour in a larger space or to create a focal point within a room. But it doesn’t have to be limited to the walls though; doors and ceilings are not off limits. Paint – spray paint included – is also effective at giving old furniture a refreshed look.
Design by Versaform. See full home feature here.

#2 Furniture
how to inject colour to a space - design by WALA

For the intrepid, a large piece of furniture like a sofa is all you need to inject colour into an otherwise lacklustre living room. But for those who prefer to be on the safe side, a small occasional furniture would do the trick too. Think chair, side table, console, ottoman, etc. Look for pieces that have colours used elsewhere in your room so that the new items look right at home.
Design by WALA. See full home feature here.

#3 Fixtures
how to inject colour to a space - design by Frederick Tang Architecture_

While an all-white bathroom looks clean and crisp, it can get a little boring over time. So why not have colourful fixtures to jazz up the space. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to get washbasins, bathtubs and mixers in a variety of colour apart from chrome and ceramic.
Design by Frederick Tang Architecture. Photography by Gieves Anderson.

#4 Soft furnishing
how to inject colour to a space - design by Sazeli Jalal

This is probably the easiest and most risk-free addition to your space. Place a couple of graphic throw pillows on your sofa, lay a colourful rug on your floor, hang patterned or solid colour window treatments, use patterned beddings and towels; the possibilities are endless.
Design by Sazeli Jalal. See full home feature here.

#5 Decorative objects
how to inject colour to a space - design by three-d conceptwerke (2)

Decorative objects come in various shapes, sizes and colours. In fact, due to their decorative nature, you can have more than one in your space and as colourful as you like. You can even change them up according to mood or season. So don’t be afraid to go bold.
Design by three-d conceptwerke

#6 Artwork
how to inject colour to a space - design by wee studio_

If you have a blank wall and don’t quite really know what to do with it, simply dress it up with an oversized piece of colourful painting or print. An inexpensive method is to DIY an abstract painting – you don’t have to be an artist because anything goes for this style of artwork. A few simple brush strokes in solid colours are enough. For an eclectic look, hang several smaller pieces to create a gallery wall. You could even put up photographs of your travels to really let your personality shine.
Design by wee studio. See full home feature here.

#7 Plants and flowers
how to inject colour to a space - design by Worrell Yeung_

Biophilic design is making huge waves of late and it’s actually not difficult to incorporate it into your home design. The simplest and most cost-efficient way is to include houseplants and flowers throughout your home. Not only do they add live and colour into a space, they purify the air and uplift one’s mood too. So the next time you swing by the grocery store, pick up some fresh blooms for a temporary pop of colour.
Design by Worrell Yeung. Photography by Alan Tansey.

#8 Statement lighting
how to inject colour to a space - design by WOWOWA Architecture

Light fixtures do more than just lighting up a space. A fabulous pendant or floor lamp subtly anchors and draws attention to a space. It’s also easy to change or displace to a different room in a house, keeping the colour commitment flexible. Go for pastels for a calm, laid-back vibe or choose a bright yellow for a more energising feel.
Design by WOWOWA Architecture. See full home feature here.

#9 Books
how to inject colour to a space - design by Linear Space Concepts

Bookworms rejoice! This one’s for you. Arrange your vast collection of books by colour on open shelves, turning them into a veritable work of art. Pro tip: stack books vertically and horizontally for an interesting disposition, and interspersed them with some plants for major #shelfiegoals.
Design by Linear Space Concepts. See full home feature here.

#10 Wallpaper
how to inject colour to a space - design by IN-EXPAT x UPSTAIRS_

Apart from paint, wallpaper is another great way to create drama in a room. Whether you opt for geometric or floral patterns, it’s a sure-fire way to inject colour in an instant. Mostly used on walls, as its name suggests, we especially love it when it’s used on ceilings and furniture for an unexpected look. If you live in a rented home and painting is out of the question, this is a great solution especially with the advent of peel and stick wallpaper that won’t damage surfaces.
Design by IN-EXPAT x UPSTAIRS_. See full home feature here.

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