D’ Initial Concept

Established: 2011

D’ Initial Concept

From left: Ashley Loh, Manager; Akemi Poh, Senior Designer; Jaslyn Hong, Manager; and Pea Chong, Creative Director. Location: Space Furniture

Who we are:
We are a vibrant team of young and passionate designers and enjoy pushing the limits of creativity through the exploration of novel concepts.

How we differentiate ourselves:
At D’ Initial Concept, we empower homeowners by providing tailored guidance on choices that truly suit their needs, rather than simply following personal preferences. Our approach involves actively listening
to comprehend their unique lifestyle and ensuring that our designs consistently elevate and enhance their living experience.

What we like to tell our clients:
We advise our clients to invest in what holds genuine significance for them, assuring them that our expertise is dedicated to augmenting that value. Our commitment lies in harmonising practicality with beauty, demonstrating that these elements can coexist seamlessly.

What to expect from us in 2024:
In 2024, we will be producing videos specifically curated for first-time homeowners. Our aim is to provide them with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect and insight into the entire process well before they receive their house keys. Additionally, we will be creating videos catered to those in the planning stages of purchasing their future home.

“We value deep communication over surface-level conversations as it fosters a genuine understanding of homeowners and their unique needs.” — Pea Chong, Creative Director

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pea@dinitialconcept.com / (65) 6348 8982 / (65) 6610 2396 / www.dinitialconcept.com / 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #01-30 T-Space, Singapore 528229

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