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D’ Initial Concept

Established: 2011

D’ Initial Concept

From left: Akemi Poh, Senior Designer; Pea Chong, Creative Director; Jaslyn Hong, Assistant Manager; and Ashley Loh, Manager

Design approach:
Over the years, we’ve changed and evolved to meet our client expectations. More homeowners are influenced by western cultures and we’ve continued to incorporate more of that into our designs.

Favourite materials to work with:
Tile, quartz, steel and laminate as these materials are very versatile and can be used everywhere in a home with some creativity.

Thoughts on trends:
We try not to influence clients to simply accept the latest trends in design; after all, it might not be something they enjoy in the long run. What matters most is that they communicate well with us so we can provide the “dream home” that they want.

Lessons from 2020:
We’ve learnt to be stronger and bolder – to step out of our comfort zone and engage our clients in new and unique ways. We treat challenges as experiences that we can build upon.

D' Initial Concept logo / (65) 6348 8982 / (65) 6610 2396 / / 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #01-30 T-Space, Singapore 528229

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