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Established: 2003

D5 Studio Image

From left: Howard Tan, Design Consultant; Jason Lee, Design Consultant; Jeffrey Ang, Design Consultant; and Dave Wee, Chief Designer

Who we are:
Our philosophy is to design clean and functional interiors no matter the aesthetic style that our clients desire. We believe in creating timeless looks that will outlive passing trends.

How we work with clients:
We recognise that a home is a deeply personal space, a place that needs to cater to those living in them, who have distinct lifestyles, tastes and expectations. Our approach is therefore to become friends with our clients, for both parties to understand each other and build trust. This makes us better designers and sets us up for a fruitful working relationship.

Why we love our job:
We enjoy the fact that our job allows us to meet people from all walks of life. We consider the task of meeting their design needs and desires as both a challenge and privilege. Every day, we learn from everyone we meet, from homeowners to co-workers to friends. These relationships enhance our knowledge base and elevate our design abilities.

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