Marvellous small space ideas for a three-room flat

With a reputation for thinking outside the box, D5 Studio Image has fully maximised the living possibilities in this three-room flat.

  • Marvellous small space ideas for a three-room flat

Home Type: 3-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 700sqft

Text by Janice Seow

The married couple living here were looking for an unconventional home. “They wanted an industrial-style flat but still wanted it to feel cosy and personalised,” says interior designer Dave Wee from D5 Studio Image. Every single corner of this compact unit has been well utilised; even the utility space at the back has been converted into the husband’s ‘man cave’ and study. Features such as the new internal bedroom window also foster the sense of openness.

Elements such as a brick wall bring in the desired industrial look, yet colours and materials were carefully selected to temper the rawness often associated with this interior style. Dark woodgrain finishes imbue the home with warmth, while slim shelves along the brick wall allow the music enthusiasts to display their collection of vinyl records.

small space living

One bedroom in this three-room flat has been demolished to make way for the wife’s work area and ‘lady’s corner’. This move also opens up the flat dramatically so the couple can accommodate many more guests when they entertain. Taking further advantage of this open space, the designer has inserted a bar counter from where one can enjoy drinks while watching television.

This master bedroom comes with a few surprises that just makes sense in a small flat for two. “The wardrobe conceals a vanity table,” says the designer, who adds that the originally separate bath and WC have been combined to create a single and larger bathroom that can be conveniently accessed from both the master suite and kitchen.

D5 Studio Image 

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