Muji-inspired flat with clever storage

Following the simple yet highly functional design adage of Japanese homes, this HDB flat by the D5 Studio Image design team has been completely reconfigured. They have made the most out of the non-load-bearing walls by transforming them into practical yet stylish storage.

  • Muji-inspired flat with clever storage

  • Muji-inspired flat with clever storage

  • Muji-inspired flat with clever storage

  • Muji-inspired flat with clever storage

  • Muji-inspired flat with clever storage

Home Type: 4-room HDB BTO flat

Floor Area: 1,001sqft

Text by Disa Tan

“The homeowners wanted the look of Japanese minimalism for their new home,” says Sharon Ong, director of D5 Studio Image. To set things in motion, she replaced the boundary wall between the living zone and connecting bedroom with a false wall divider. One side serves as a recessed TV console while the other adds to the bedroom’s wardrobe space. With the console aligned with the wall, the living area exudes a sense of serenity.

Vinyl flooring ties the communal zones together and shows off a large expanse of space which is warm and welcoming. For visual demarcation, the new open kitchen configuration has a striking backsplash comprising square tiles in a monochromatic palette. The cookspace is also fronted by an island unit which is movable. This allows the homeowners to transform the space with different counter configurations.

Most of the walls enclosing the bedrooms have been removed and replaced with cabinetry, which maximises the function of this well thought out living space; there is now more floor space and practical storage. Sliding doors have been installed to cover part of the open shelving and these doors add to the seamless flow of the warm wood grain palette.

In the master bedroom, the bed sits on a raised platform while the choice of low-height furnishings enhances the effect of the ceiling height. “We used the same laminate material to design a headboard and this creates a towering effect,” adds Sharon. It also serves as a visual marker to segregate the sleeping area from the walk-in wardrobe in the next bedroom.

The same square tiles used for the kitchen backsplash has been utilised for the walls in the master bathroom. This striking monochromatic backdrop of tiles is toned down with space-enhancing features. Sharon incorporated a frosted glass shower screen and a suspended sink counter to minimise visual clutter.

D5 Studio Image


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