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Baby Bonus by D5 Studio Image

D5 Studio Image shows that a home is more than just a showcase of beauty but also a place to nurture loved ones.

Every home owner wants a beautiful home. Yet we sometimes forget that the smallest details can mean a world of difference to the people we love, especially the little ones in our family. This home located at Punggol Drive is more than just an aesthetic feast for the eyes; it’s a heartfelt effort by Dave Wee from D5 Studio Image to create a wholesome yet safe environment for the home owner’s baby who is just beginning to learn how to walk.

Given a completely bare apartment to work with, Dave crafted a home that is both gracefully stylish and child-safe. To protect the baby during falls and spills, Dave used laminated flooring because tiles would have been too hard and cold to the touch particularly at night. The neutral palette of off-white and light cocoa in the living and dining areas complement the simple furnishings wonderfully, revealing their inherent elegance.


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