Rhiss Interior

Established: 2006

Rhiss Interior

From left: Wincy Tang, Principal Designer; Amos Chin, Senior Design Consultant; and Keith Than, Design Consultant. Location: Bolia

Who we are:
At Rhiss Interior, we recognise that establishing and maintaining relationships is pivotal to the success of an interior design firm, and therefore invest the time and effort in truly getting to know our clients. Our approach involves building trust consistently throughout every stage of the design process.

How we differentiate ourselves:
Rather than confining ourselves to a fix palette of materials, we thrive on exploring the latest offerings in the market. Our commitment involves introducing innovative materials and cutting-edge solutions to our clients, showcasing our dedication to continuous innovation, and staying ahead of industry trends. This proactive approach not only enhances our creativity but also ensures that we consistently deliver fresh and forward-thinking design solutions.

What we like to tell our clients:
Steer clear of fleeting trends, especially in long-term projects like homes. Listen to your heart and envision a space where you would want to reside with your loved ones for an extended period. We will then craft a design that transforms your vision into a timeless and liveable reality.

“Staying abreast of global design trends, we draw inspiration from our travels and diverse sources, skilfully integrating these influences into our projects in Singapore.” — Wincy Tang, Principal Designer

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