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Rhiss Interior

Established: 2006

Rhiss Interior

Profile image: From left - Wincy Tang, Creative Director; Amos Chin, Design Consultant
Location: W39 Bistro & Bakery. This cafe is one of Wincy’s favourite places to have a meal and relax. Besides the delicious food and drinks, Wincy is full of praise also for the personable service of the owner and the staff. “This personal touch is what I strive to deliver to all my clients,” she adds.

Design philosophy:
The key to good design is to understand the human. The house is just a structure with walls, but humans have different characters and personalities. With these differences, there will be different requirements. The first thing we do is to understand what the user really needs.

We get inspiration from everywhere and anywhere. Travelling to different countries also gives us many opportunities to pick up new ideas. We see new materials, learn from other cultures, and then we adapt the good ideas for the local Singapore home.

Passion for design:
Every project is precious to us, so receiving smiles from clients makes us really happy. It is a great encouragement when clients say they like our work, when they come back to us as repeat clients, and when they refer us to their friends.

“Understanding human needs and wants is the key to designing the right space for our clients. We look into the future and create a space that they will find practical and functional even in the future.”
– Wincy Tang, Creative Director

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www.rhissinterior.com.sg / 1104 Serangoon Road, Singapore 328197

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