A 3-bedder condo with space for a family of three

Rhiss Interior have gone above and beyond to transform this 893 sqft apartment into a well-planned living space with enough room for everyone.

  • A 3-bedder condo with space for a family of three

  • A 3-bedder condo with space for a family of three

  • A 3-bedder condo with space for a family of three

  • A 3-bedder condo with space for a family of three

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 893 sqft

Text by Lookbox Living

The main gripe with new condominiums these days is the lack of space, and that was apparent in this three-bedder unit with its small bedrooms and communal spaces. The family of three living here were concerned that their storage needs would not be met because of these space limitations. Thankfully, the design team from Rhiss Interior swooped in to save the day with their design ingenuity.

3-bedroom condo

To free up space in the living area, the designers brought the dining area into the balcony, thus creating more walking space in the main communal zone and more room for the residents to spend time together comfortably as a family. Wincy from Rhiss Interior adds, “The homeowners prefer a darker colour palette. If we don’t allocate sufficient room for the dining and living areas, the space will be dwarfed by the dark tones.”


Full-height storage solutions have been incorporated to keep clutter away, while the L-shaped shoe cabinet sports a cleverly concealed pull-out seat. The television feature wall is a minimalistic design with a woodgrain plaster effect.


While most girls’ bedrooms are decked in feminine touches, the homeowners wanted a more practical approach for their daughter’s room. A neutral palette of woodgrain patterns creates a warm and inviting space, and is timeless enough to grow with the child. The bed sits on a raised platform, and features hidden storage for the child’s growing needs. Even the lighting has been well considered. There’s an adjustable reading lamp next to the headboard, and additional recessed lighting fitted for the steps as a safety precaution.


The master bedroom’s existing wardrobe was removed. In its place, Wincy built a raised platform that could accommodate a larger wardrobe and additional storage compartments. Dark laminate coverings were chosen to further encourage a warm and cosy ambience.




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