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A homey hotel-like apartment for a family of four

Sure, the hotel style is great, but what if the experience could be perfected with a low-maintenance design approach? That was what Rhiss Interior decided to do for a couple with two young kids.

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 1,356 sqft

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3-bedroom condo

The first step to conceiving a hotel-like ambience was to carve out a spacious setting. To materialise this idea, principal designer Wincy Tang from Rhiss Interior decided to do away with bulky carpentry works. And instead of using wallpaper, which is a common sight in hotel suites, the walls were painted a warm neutral tone as a practical yet elegant option.

3-bedroom condo

A row of cabinets lines the entrance to the kitchen. It not only serves as storage and as a display showcase for the front entrance, but also conceals the bomb shelter. The kitchen has undergone quite the transformation as well. Wincy has taken the formerly cramped and unwelcoming space and turned it into an open-concept kitchen with enough room for a wine storage unit.


A glass opening above the kitchen counter not only lets more light enter the kitchen space, but also allows the couple to keep an eye on the kids, even if they are busy in the kitchen.


The master bedroom and common bedroom were combined to accommodate a larger wardrobe as well as a study. With Wincy styling the master bedroom to closely replicate a polished-looking hotel suite, the staycation experience is complete. Cove lighting and two spotlights serve as the main source of lighting, and this minimalistic style treatment goes a long way to creating a cosy and spacious hotel vibe.


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