A two-bedder condo with cave-like vibes

This condo unit may be a small two-bedder, but Rhiss Interior has given its owners just what they hope for – a cosy, cave-like dwelling with lots of storage and designs tailored to their lifestyle.

  • A two-bedder condo with cave-like vibes

Home Type: 2-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 660sqft

Text by Janice Seow

How do you design a compact condominium unit for a young couple with differing tastes? Wincy Tang, Principal Designer of Rhiss Interior has met that challenge head-on. By expertly finding a suitable middle ground, she has given her clients a home that meets their expectations in every way.

“The husband loved dark colours and raw finishes and wanted these elements to fill the space. In short, he was looking for a cave-like home with lots of character. The wife, on the other hand, preferred interiors with a warmer vibe,” shares Wincy.

two-bedder condo

Noting the small size of the two-bedder unit (it’s just 660 square feet) and the wife’s preference, Wincy has incorporated moody shades and beautiful textures, but in a balanced manner that ensures they do not overwhelm. She has also built in lots of storage, which was another important aspect of the brief.

The entire television feature wall is a custom storage and display cabinet to showcase the couple’s wine collection and travel momentos, and to neatly conceal clutter. Cladded in raw finished laminate, it makes a strong statement in the living area, while the open shelves in a walnut finish and LED throw lights at the bottom successfully balance out the heaviness of this feature.

Since the couple seldom cook or eat in, Wincy has integrated a compact swivel out dining table into the television wall so it can be hidden away unless it’s needed. “This effectively frees up precious floor space. When the table it stored away, guests may wonder if this home is missing a dining area,” says the designer with a laugh.

The existing L-shaped layout of the open kitchen has been retained, but the dark wood laminated cabinetry has been replaced with options better suited to the tight space. The top-hung cabinets now feature glass doors, the backsplash is a modern design in light-reflective black tinted glass, and the bottom cabinets have been refinished in a warm woodgrain laminate. The solid surface countertop has also been replaced with quartz for better durability.

two-bedder condo

The moody, cave-like aesthetic continues in the master bedroom. Here, the door has been repositioned to allow for an improved layout that can comfortably accommodate a two-metre-long wardrobe. The bed sits on a raised platform with loads of hidden storage beneath. Meanwhile, raw finishes on the wall and false ceiling create an intimate setting that’s perfect for rest.

Despite its petite size, the second bedroom is a versatile and multipurpose space. Like the master suite, it too features a storage platform. In this case, it serves as a guest bed and a cosy place to hang out and play poker.

Wincy has translated the couple’s preferences and design brief in a way that is most appropriate to this small two-bedder condo, and both the husband and wife couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

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