Living the good life in a small condo

Despite its compact size, this one-bedder bachelor pad designed by Rhiss Interior manages to live up to its full potential.

  • Living the good life in a small condo

Home Type: 1-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 667sqft

Text by Redzman Rahmat

By controlling colour palette in this small condo unit, the designers evoked a subtle masculine vibe that carries throughout the home. Strong sculptural elements and matte natural finishes also lend to the home’s stylish aesthetic. One example is the television wall, which comprises both open and closed storage, and a bottom row of cabinets with black glass fronts.

small condo apartment

Since the homeowner has no need for a formal dining area, the designers decided against a bulky dining table. Instead, a pull-out desk slots perfectly into the living room feature wall. It can be used as a dining table, a work desk or even a kitchen countertop.

pull-out table

Given that only one person lives here, privacy wasn’t a main concern. As such, the bedroom wall was knocked down and replaced with black, powder-brushed, steel-framed sliding doors. This helps to open up the apartment and improve the spatial flow. It also allows the floor plan to integrate the open kitchen, forming one seamless studio-like space. For a more cohesive look, the designers replaced the top cabinets in the kitchen with black glass-fronted ones.

dining area in balcony

This small condo unit comes with a balcony that enjoys expansive vistas of Singapore’s cityscape. Instead of leaving the space empty or unused, Rhiss Interior turned the balcony into an informal dining space that’s perfect for tranquil breakfasts or evening meals. It also becomes a quiet corner for the homeowner to work from home.

bedroom in small condo

Opening up the bedroom makes it feel less confined and more integrated with the rest of the apartment. As such, it was important that its design mirrored the rest of the home. The designers used a similar colour and material palette for continuity, but also introduced textured paint on the wall to give the space character. Now that the bedroom wall has been removed, the homeowner can enjoy his favourite movies despite the television being in the living room.

bedroom side table detail

Since space continues to be a concern in this small condo, the designers made sure that there would be sufficient storage space but that it would not overwhelm the home. For example, the bedside table is a compact and customised piece that is frill-free yet functional.

small condo

The apartment’s small footprint and limited floor plan meant that the designers had to come up with innovative solutions. By curating the use of materials and tailoring the storage options to the homeowner’s needs, this modest apartment manages to live up to its full potential.

Rhiss Interior

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