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A house with uniquely textured walls

Wincy Tang of Rhiss Interior has given her repeat clients a home with beautiful textured walls, effectively setting it apart from the other units in the cluster housing estate.

Home Type: 5-bedroom cluster house

Floor Area: 3,584sqft

Text by Jasmine Goh

The other units in this cluster housing are mostly decked out in light-coloured marble, so the homeowners of this unit wanted their place to look different. To fulfil this request, designer Wincy Tang decided to create beautiful textured walls with Nippon Momento paint.

textured walls Rhiss Interior

A high-ceilinged dining area offers lots of room for creativity. Inspired by commercial spaces, Wincy designed a feature wall using woodgrain laminates arranged in an alternating pattern. This unique layout is further enhanced with recessed lighting.

textured walls Rhiss Interior

In the living room, the TV feature wall comprises closed and open storage spaces for the family to keep their electronic peripherals. The design is kept simple with a tinted mirror backdrop so that it complements and acts as a balance to the complex feature wall in the dining area.

textured walls Rhiss Interior

Since there are five bedrooms in this house, both of the couple’s teenage children get to have their own bedrooms. Nippon Momento paint is used to create beautiful, textured walls in each room. In this bedroom belonging to the older son, a floating desk sits by the window so he can enjoy the view outside while studying or reading.

textured walls Rhiss Interior

As the couple wanted their private space to feel modern and cosy, Wincy used a darker colour scheme in the master bedroom. Instead of a standard headboard, she also designed a stylish one with interesting geometric shapes, evoking the vibes of boutique hotel suite.

textured walls Rhiss Interior

To make efficient use of the master bedroom’s layout, the awkward space in between the room and the bathroom is now repurposed as a dressing area with full-height mirrors. This also gives the lady of the house a dedicated space to display her bags and jewellery, which happens to have always been on her wishlist.

textured walls Rhiss Interior

Rhiss Interior

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