The warmth of concrete

Emitting raw appeal with its lavish treatment of concrete-like textures, this three-storey home by Rhiss Interior has been thoroughly reworked with a brand new floor plan and a unique palette of finishes and colours.

  • The warmth of concrete

Text by Disa Tan

Project type: 3-storey cluster house
Floor area: 4,700sqft

Located at the ground floor, the open communal zones are designed for relaxation and to entertain. Of note, the lap pool stretches across the length of the living and dining area and has several points of access: from the kitchen, the living area, and through the bi-fold window panels.

Rhiss Interior project

In moody monochrome tones, a cohesive suite of full-height cabinetry and carpentry works defines the living area. The linear design of the open and closed shelves keeps the area organised, and a low-rise console accentuates the expansiveness of the space.

The renovation was helmed by Wincy Tang, principal designer from Rhiss Interior, who seized the opportunity to turn the basement into a space to showcase the homeowner’s sneakers collection. She says: “I wanted to display her favourite shoes with a sense of pride, and a glass showcase with soft back lighting rather than the usual harsh lighting brings on an atmospheric glow.” The displays are ‘framed’ by full-height cabinets that house more shoes.

Moody hues deck the wet and dry kitchen zones and this is achieved using quartz countertops and a matching backsplash with heavy stone-like veining. To accompany the treatment of these dramatic-looking patterns, Wincy applied a stucco effect on the top section of the walls. Back lighting has also been installed to amplify the appearance of the stone-like textures.

The homeowner was attracted to the light and airy design of the original staircase, and wanted to keep it. Wincy says: “She did specify for a cement-look to cover the walls along the staircase and for that we provided a stucco wall effect.” This presents an edgy style statement with the starkness of the walls tempered by the warmth of the timber steps.

Wincy reveals that the entire third level had to be redesigned as a private bedroom for the homeowner and the originally floor plan was therefore completely altered. The bedroom is now segregated from the walk-in wardrobe which is connected to the en suite bathroom. Seeing that the existing parquet flooring was still in decent condition, Wincy retained it as much as possible and had it repolished.

Originally the family room, the third level has a shared air con unit and Wincy had to ensure proper air circulation within the space. Since the walk-in wardrobe was to be separated from the sleeping quarters, she designed panel strips between the two zones to allow for better air flow. A fluted sliding glass door leads into the bathroom.

The mirror in the powder room on the first level is suspended from a vertical bar that hangs from the ceiling. Wincy says: “Rather than mounting it on the wall like a regular mirror, this gives the design greater dimension.” It is well paired with a pedestal sink, and the entire setup looks effortlessly sleek.

With a sloped ceiling to consider in this en suite bathroom on the third floor, Wincy decided this would be the best position for the bathtub. An intimate atmosphere has been created with dark stone-look tiles and lush foliage. Lighting has also been installed at the bottom to bring greater emphasis to the stone-like textures.

Rhiss Interior

Featured in Lookbox Annual 2023


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