Watch: House with a rock climbing wall

d’Phenomenal designs an unconventional family home complete with a rock climbing wall, and a library and entertainment den.

Home Type: 4-storey landed house

Floor Area: 4,000sqft

Text by Disa Tan

Designed by d’Phenomenal, this light-filled landed house comes with designated areas to indulge in a range of hobbies. The family of four living here can opt for quiet reading or scale a rock climbing wall whenever they please!

rock climbing wall

The designers have turned the three-metre-high air well in the basement into a climbing wall complete with AstroTurf flooring to cushion falls. This unique feature offers the family an opportunity to come together and bond over a fun activity.

open-concept kitchen and dining

The homeowners had also requested for an open-plan kitchen with a large kitchen counter. “They wanted a spacious area to host comfortably, and we acceded by hacking away the previously enclosed kitchen,” explains d’Phenomenal’s creative director, Kef Tan. The Cosentino quartz island countertop, Layer Play wallpaper accent wall, hand-blown pendant lamps, and stone flooring bring in understated luxury.


With floor-to-ceiling custom bookcases, this spacious living area has been designated as the library where the family can appreciate their favourite books. Kef says: “They have lots of reading material and also needed a space for two harps which belong to the female homeowner.” A concealed screen and rear projection projector converts this area into a space for movie nights at the touch of a button.


With plenty of daylight and a view of lush foliage, the study room is primed for work and quiet contemplation. The custom-built desk has a unique three-point anchor system and offers plenty of desk space.



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