A tiny condo big on storage and personality

What this brand new condominium unit lacks in space it makes up in multi-functional fixtures and clever hidden features.

  • A tiny condo big on storage and personality

  • A tiny condo big on storage and personality

  • A tiny condo big on storage and personality

  • A tiny condo big on storage and personality

  • A tiny condo big on storage and personality

Home Type: 2-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 828sqft

Text by Disa Tan

With limited space to work with in the communal zones, Rhiss Interior’s Creative Director Wincy Tang definitely had to think out of the box for this shoebox unit. “Once the developer-provided fittings and fixtures were installed, the homeowners were taken aback by how little space they really had,” she says. Their woes were soon mitigated, thanks to Wincy’s design of a multi-functional feature wall. The cleverly designed fixture is an entertainment unit, dining set and storage all rolled into one.

Noting that the communal zones were much too cramped to fit in a proper dining area, Wincy designed a pull-out table which extends from the custom-built cabinetry. She also created niches to store five customised stools. “The stools are wrapped in laminates and have a Peranakan-tile design at the top”, shares Wincy. These intricate patterns echo the floor tiles used in the kitchen and embellish the wood grain feature wall with a decorative touch.

Every inch of space matters, so Wincy freed up more floor area with a dual-function partition. Not just a divider, one side is a feature wall for the living area while the other acts as the wall backing of the wardrobe in the master bedroom. The feature wall is made up of diagonal strips of laminates and this mesmerising focal point distracts the eye from the area’s small footprint.

The master bedroom has been divided into two areas because the homeowners wanted more privacy in their sleeping area. A custom-built wardrobe now demarcates the bedroom space, and a hidden dresser is integrated into the cabinet. To further maximise the space for storage, Wincy incorporated a platform bed with ample space underneath to stash things away.

After catering for the queen-size mattress, there is little room for a bedside table. Wincy was aware of this space limitation and designed a cosy nook within the wardrobe and devised a pull-out table as a solution.

Though the unit already came with ready-made kitchen counters and appliances, the existing set-up was much too small for the homeowners’ regular entertaining needs. Their next course of action was to tear down everything and start from scratch. The new kitchen now boasts a much larger L-shaped configuration. The counters are wall-mounted as Wincy intended for the Peranakan-style floor tiles to present a fluid continuity of patterns.

Rhiss Interior


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