Darwin Interior

Established: 1995

Darwin Interior

From left: Paul Lau, Lead Design Consultant; Jayle Lim, Lead Design Consultant; Sheila Tan, Senior Design Consultant; Jaslin Tan, Lead Design Consultant; Vincent Tan, Lead Design Consultant; Vanice Neo, Design Consultant; and Clinton Tan, Lead Design Consultant, Head of Branch (Woodlands). Shoot location: Bolia

Who we are:
Darwin Interior is a long-standing renovation brand born out a curiosity for all things interior. Built upon decades of expertise, we excel at distinguishing enduring elements from passing fads.

How we differentiate ourselves:
We believe what genuinely sets us apart is our wholehearted embrace of diversity, whether it be in terms of design identities, or team DNA.

We embrace diversity by drawing inspiration from a broad spectrum of cultural styles and traditions. This could manifest in the use of diverse materials, colour palettes, and spatial arrangements that reflect a global or multicultural perspective.

In addition, having a diverse team with members from different cultural backgrounds, and with different educational experience and skill sets contribute to a richer and more innovative design process. It allows for more inclusive and adaptive solutions that resonate with a wider audience, and leads to designs that are not only visually compelling but also culturally sensitive and responsive to the diverse needs of the communities or clients being served.

What we like to tell our clients:
In our commitment to originality, we remain mindful to the fact that innovation should serve a purpose and not merely stem from a desire to be different. We always say that functionality is paramount and pragmatism sets you on the path to a lasting solution.

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