Inizio Atelier

Established: 2018

Inizio Atelier

From left: Jeremy Lim, Senior Designer; Adeline Chin, Senior Designer; JD Tan, Senior Designer; Alex Xie, Creative Director; and Guerrand Lai, Senior Designer

What we are known for:
Sharing the excitement of our clients, as our enthusiasm shows in our exceptional service quality. As a boutique interior design firm with an integrated suite of solutions, we also aim to be with our clients every step of the way, and to create highly functional spaces.

How we work with clients:
Open communication and trust are paramount to a good working relationship with our clients. Based on our experience, clients appreciate a transparent process right from the start. With our ideas combined with theirs, we are able to strike a balance between what is aesthetically pleasing and what is practical.

Key to a successful project outcome:
Being proactive during the renovation and reactive whenever a problem arises will result in a better work flow and end product. This is something we believe that both designer and client would want in their working relationship.

What we want to explore in 2023:
We want to push our own boundaries and explore new finishes on predetermined concepts. How to make these concepts uniquely us is something we strive for this year.

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