This sophisticated apartment is the perfect escape

A major space replanning undertaken by Inizio Atelier has transformed a dull apartment into a bright and sophisticated oasis of relaxation.

  • This sophisticated apartment is the perfect escape

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 1,259sqft

Text by Olha Romaniuk

The owners of this three-bedroom apartment have busy careers and wanted their home to have a sophisticated vibe and an aura of relaxation and escapism. In short, it had to be place where they could truly unwind at the end of the day. To achieve the brief, Inizio Atelier has completely reconfigured the unit’s existing layout, creating integrated spaces that flow into one another, enjoy plenty of natural light, and meet the specific functional requirements requested by the owners.

“We had to hack away about 80 per cent of the internal walls and carefully curate the spaces by resizing certain areas to properly fit in the requirements,” says designer Tan Jian Da. “There wasn’t anything that was kept, other than the common bathroom and bedroom – we basically revamped the entire space.”

Case in point, the existing living room had to be completely reconfigured by enlarging its existing footprint and introducing an adjacent work area that could be opened or closed off as needed via L-shaped sliding glass doors. This allowed plenty of sunlight to enter the workspace as well as the living and the dining room, connecting the three in a seamless way.

To set a calm and sophisticated tone, Inizio Atelier kept to a light wood and white colour scheme with touches of marble accents via the furniture elements to elevate the overall feel. The designer also chose to use a marble feature slab for the study table which was centralised in the communal space, lending an additional touch of sophistication.

sophisticated apartment

The other area that required a major reconfiguration was the kitchen, which was previously small, dull and not as functional due to the space taken up by a water closet. As such, Inizio Atelier chose to remove it in order to create a dry pantry area and a storage space where all appliances could be tucked away. Using white tones and clean lines, with touches of veined marble, allowed the space to instantly transform into a bright and sophisticated environment.

Although the original bathroom dimensions were very limiting, the clients also requested to have a bathtub in the master bathroom to soak in and unwind after a busy day of work. By cleverly replanning the adjacent areas and enlarging the space, Inizio Atelier was able to transform the bathroom into a warm and naturally lit sanctuary with a bathtub tucked into a nook to the side. Lighting, warm woodgrain accents and marble were also used to turn the space into a spa-like oasis.

Similar woody finishes used in the bathroom can be found in the master bedroom as well, creating a palpable connection between the two. In this rest area, the finishes were kept deliberately minimal, with the main feature being the full-height wardrobe that was designed to blend in with the surroundings.

Inizio Atelier

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sophisticated apartment
sophisticated apartment


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