Plush Interior Design

Established: 2018

Plush Interior Design

Chris Zhang, Director

Who we are:
Design versatility means a lot to us, and we don’t want to be defined by that one signature look. To us, the possibilities of mixing and matching styles, materials and colours are endless, and we aspire to create fresh and inspiring environments where our clients can thrive.

How we work with clients:
Bringing satisfaction to our clients, especially after the renovation, is definitely our top priority. To get there, all design requests, whether huge or miniscule, are considered. We will then work out a balanced design scheme that will appeal in both form and function.

Focus for 2022:
We have a new office and showroom, and look forward to showing fresh design concepts in this new space.

Plush Interior Design / (65) 9423 3411 / / 12 Woodlands Square, Woods Square #07-73, Singapore 737715

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