This 40-year-old resale flat is now a minimalist haven

In the hands of Plush Interior Design, this old resale flat is now a restful escape complete with an open bedroom concept.

  • This 40-year-old resale flat is now a minimalist haven

Text by Disa Tan

It’s hard to imagine that this home was once an outdated three-room HDB flat, especially after a drastic revamp by Chris Zhang of Plush Interior Design. Briefed by his clients to turn their home into an inviting and minimalist living space, he set out to carve a retreat-like dwelling for the young married couple. 

old resale flat turned minimalist haven

A flexible open plan with one bedroom now replaces the previous two-bedder configuration in this old resale flat. This refreshed layout by Chris merges the only bedroom with the communal zones, thus maximising the usability of space. Through this intervention, the different areas no longer feel separate and small, but connected within a wider, open space.

old resale flat turned minimalist haven

Painted with a limewash effect, the walls and ceilings carry a soothing hue. This serenity runs throughout the entire home and is accented by woody finishes and curved design elements.

A curved settee stands out as a multifunctional centrepiece with custom-built shoe storage compartments hidden at the base. Chris says: “It provides extra seating for the dining area and lets the homeowners accommodate more guests when they entertain.”  

old resale flat turned minimalist haven

Demonstrating the power of a minimalist style, the dining area is kept bare with a simple dining set. The pared-back setup emphasises the intimate and cocooning effect of the limewash walls.

old resale flat turned minimalist haven

With the original kitchen entrance relocated to the center of the cookspace, the organic curved details of the new arched entrance gain prominence.

Chris adds: “The new centralised entrance creates a storage-friendly setup as we were able to build more counters and cabinets into the kitchen.”

In this cosy pantry, the choice of using a sintered stone countertop works well with the curved niche and enhances its calming quality. 

Having ample kitchen storage allows less things to be displayed in the open, especially with most of it like small appliances now neatly stored within the cabinets. Large appliances such as the washer and dryer have also been concealed behind full-height cabinetry with tic tac doors. This fulfils the homeowners’ desire of a minimalist kitchen that looks clean and orderly always.

At the back of the kitchen is where the common bathroom resides. Chris says: “We did something different to the layout by converting it into a powder room.” Installing a sliding glass reed door provides privacy for the WC, while allowing more daylight into the house.”

Reed glass also make an appearance in the bedroom, but in the form of sliding doors to truly open up the space. For visual demarcation, the bed is raised on a platform.

old resale flat turned minimalist haven

Shutting the doors creates a separate enclosed room that affords the homeowners with privacy – a practical measure when they have company over.

open bedroom concept

Concealed within the carpentry works is the doorway to the master bathroom. It is outfitted in a laminate finish to match the headboard for a smooth transition.

open bedroom concept

Upon entering the bathroom, a seamless and cohesive design language of monochromatic tiles takes over. That is achieved by concealing all the piping and it makes a noticeable difference.

A glass panel also serves as a simple and elegant solution to segregate the wet and dry zones.

The rest of the space is decked with functional amenities like wardrobe storage and a compact study table by the window. With well-considered elements of wood finishes and soft organic curves added to the mix, it strikes a harmonious balance for a welcoming minimalist style to come home to. 

Plush Interior Design

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