Happe Design Atelier

Established: 2012

Happe Design Atelier

From left: Johnson Ng, Senior Designer; David Chong, Senior Designer; Kelvyn Lim, Associate; Choo Yih, Associate; and Eva Ng, Senior Designer. Location: Space Furniture

Who we are:
Happe Design Atelier is a collective group of multidisciplinary creatives with strong technical expertise and extensive experience. Through the seamless integration of diverse design principles, our aim is to craft distinctive spaces that deeply resonate with homeowners.

Our creative process:
We listen intently to our clients, approaching each interaction like we would with a friend. This enables
us to thoroughly understand their vision. Furthermore, we meticulously examine their spaces and constraints, synthesising all requirements to address aesthetic, functional and technical considerations

The things that influence our work:
We firmly believe that inspiration defies any formula. Inspiration comes organically from our attentiveness to the world around us and the richness of our experiences. Likewise, our creative process is influenced by the stories and lifestyles of our clients.

“We treat our clients as friends, always stepping into their shoes before formulating proposals or making decisions.” – Choo Yih, Associate


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admin@HDA.studio / (65) 6612 1485 / hda.studio / 37B Kreta Ayer Road #03-07, Singapore 089001

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