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A quick look at Third Avenue Studio’s workspace points to a firm that puts a premium on personality-driven spaces. The firm is founded on an organic approach to design; there is nothing formulaic about what they do. Intuition is key and for the past few years, it has served them well since they started their own studio.

70 per cent of the firm’s portfolio consists of residential projects, with the remaining 30 per cent going to office fit-outs. “We’ve always tried to take an authentic approach to design,” says co-founder Edwin Pang. “Everything in a space should mean something, be valuable in some way.” Co-founder Pamela Ong adds, “With each project, it’s not just about drawing up something nice. It’s about presenting a specific idea about living.” / Ph: (65) 6737 3667 / Fax: (65) 6737 3669 /

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