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Metaphor Studio

Established: 1999

Metaphor Studio

From left: Stephen Goh, Creative Director and Angela Tantry, Design Principal

Design approach:
Our creative process always begins with understanding a specific site in relation to the specific requirements of its occupants. We find joy in solving essential practical needs, which drives us to explore better possibilities of how the occupants interact with the given space differently.

Favourite material to work with:
Wood-based elements for their infinite possibilities in form creation, steel for its supporting backbone in the construction process, and natural stone for its expressive quality in emoting our design intention.

Greatest challenge:
For years, we’ve been trying to tell our industry peers not to promote end user to exploit our creative talent or provide free design ideas as it may lead the public to perceive the design discipline as an unworthy craft. It is quite the opposite as good design takes time, effort, innovative thinking and creative judgement to execute.

Future activations:
We pledge to design with a less environmentally damaging mindset. So, critical thought process on material and method is essential in achieving this. Where possible, restore instead of rebuild.

Metaphor Studio logo / (65) 6291 9786 / / 331A Beach Road, Singapore 199562

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