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Playing up connections with nature in this semi-detached house

In this landed home occupied by an athletic specialist consultant, a horse trainer and their three children, Metaphor Studio played with lines and volumes while maximising the home’s view of greenery for greater comfort.

Home Type: 8-bedroom semi-detached house

Floor Area: 6,780sqft

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

A ground-up rebuild with an elevation from the street level presents a unique privacy solution without the need for concealment. Steel filigree provides privacy and ventilation, while the large main door pivots open to reveal the urban, modern resort themed interior that the owners asked for – and plays up the desired connections with nature. The house also boasts an open and through view from the front to the rear of the house.

connections with nature Metaphor Studio

The homeowners who lived on the site since 2002 wanted their home to have links to the surrounding greenery. To encourage such connections with nature, numerous windows were added to capitalise on the views of the nearby Bukit Timah Hill. Provision has also been made for a spacious outdoor entertaining space replete with a lap pool at the front of the house. Quartz stone clad the facade from the ground to the roof.

connections with nature Metaphor Studio

The pièce de résistance of this expansive open-concept living space is undoubtedly the staircase – a dynamic diagonal sculptural composition that juxtaposes with its orthogonal surroundings, while visually enhancing the length of the house. Accessible by stepping down marble flooring, the inconspicuous sunken lounge forms an intimate and subtly enclosed area within the open-plan programme on the first floor.

connections with nature Metaphor Studio

To integrate the interiors with the natural environment, a neutral and earthy colour palette was used. Bleached walnut cabinetry line one side of the open-plan dining area, serving not only as storage space, but also provide an organic backdrop for family gatherings and parties. Anchoring the space is a bespoke dining table that rests atop honed granite flooring.

Metaphor Studio

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