Semi-detached home with a view

This two-storey semi-detached house by Asialand ID capitalises on the surrounding views while balancing shade, privacy and openness.

  • Semi-detached home with a view

Home Type: Semi-detached house

Floor Area: 4,660sqft

Text by Olha Romaniuk

Large glass panels around this semi-detached house serve as playful apertures that activate the side terrace at night and showcase the infinity pool. The expansive roof extends around the site, sheltering the intimate indoor and outdoor spaces from direct sunlight and rain.

semi-detached house

To enhance seamless movement between the inside and the outside, Asialand ID incorporated large glass panels throughout the key social areas of this semi-detached house that can open up to the side terraces and the exterior infinity pool, creating  views to the outside from multiple angles.

pool in landed house

With granite flooring for that natural touch, the airy outdoor living area is brightened and visually expanded with a skylight that allows natural light to penetrate. Here and throughout, the design of the house is carefully calibrated to allow various amounts of direct and indirect natural light in for that indoor/outdoor feel.


At once humble and grand, the home orchestrates its layout in a way that maximises function and experience, where each daily behaviour is considered in relation to the next as a holistic sequence. This allows the owners to feel close to nature on a relatively small plot of land, no matter where they are in the house.

semi-detached home living area

The living room has been designed to exude both timelessness and luxury with the use of white marble for the flooring and carefully selected and elegant leather seating for ultimate comfort. Large windows offer views to the outdoor greenery and pool, while balancing privacy and openness.

porch terrace in semi-detached house

The master suite opens up to a porch terrace. The terrace capitalises on dappled light filtering through the leaper and willow trees, which animates the exterior and interior spaces at different times in the day.

master bedroom with concealed door

Luxurious surfaces and a minimal colour palette make for a sophisticated home. In the master bedroom, dark floor-to-ceiling display shelves sit proud against the marble flooring, lending a handsome touch to the pared down interior. It also cleverly conceals the door leading to the en-suite bathroom.

entertainment room

In contrast to the open and spacious social areas, Asialand ID tucked some of the more private family spaces away from public view, creating cosy zones that offer opportunities for bonding among the family members. Here, lush textures and dark tones dominate.

Asialand ID

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