Penthouse with luxe resort vibes

A family seeks change with a modern Asian resort interior for their new home.

  • Penthouse with luxe resort vibes

Home Type: 5-bedroom penthouse

Floor Area: 2,680sqft

Text by Airis Abdullah

Moving to a new home is often the best chance for a fresh start. When the owners purchased this 2,680-square-foot penthouse, they knew that it would be an opportunity for something different. “The couple wanted an absolute change from their previous apartment’s interior concept, which was too Scandinavian in style,” says Stephen Goh, co-founder of Metaphor Studio.

luxe resort penthouse Metaphor Studio

Metaphor Studio conceptualised a modern resort with Asian design elements for this home, and ensured a cosy and sophisticated ambience throughout. The living area features woodgrain laminated panelling on the ceiling that matches that of the television feature wall. A challenge of this space is its wall-to-wall windows, which take up a significant part of the usable storage space. Therefore, hidden behind this wall (top right) are extensive storage solutions, as well as a karaoke system.

luxe resort penthouse Metaphor Studio

The feature wall extends towards the dining area. A wall covered with stone veneers, black stainless steel and black tinted mirror frames the dining space for five. It also continues all the way to the bedrooms, camouflaging the bedroom doors with the same woodgrain laminated steel panelling for a seamless look while enhancing the sense of privacy.

lift lobby penthouse Metaphor Studio

The private lift lobby located close to the dining area is decked out with woodgrain laminate panelling too. Against the warm wood finish, the polished black granite platform walkway is a luxurious touch that sets this public space apart from the main living zone.

balcony penthouse Metaphor Studio

The balcony gets a splash of green in the form of artificial turf for an outdoor vibe. The team added a comfortable padded bench to complement an outdoor dining table for two, and also incorporated a timber lattice screen for that Asian resort feel.

luxe resort penthouse Metaphor Studio

Finally, to make the best use of space in the master bedroom, a see-through partition serves as a television wall to separate the resting space from the wardrobe area while still allowing some views through. The fine lattice design continues to the ceiling, reflecting the consistency of design ideas that define this beautiful penthouse.

Metaphor Studio

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Laminates in the living area from Lamitak
Outdoor furniture from XTRA
Stone veneers in the dining area from Hafary

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