5 most popular decorating and design ideas of 2019

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  • 5 most popular decorating and design ideas of 2019

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

#1 7 steps to good feng shui in your home
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Feng shui has always been about the calculations of Yin and Yang energy and how it can be employed to improve the harmony and prosperity in the house. Feng shui expert, Dato’ Joey Yap, debunks the myth of decorating your interiors with mandarin ducks and prosperity cats, and offer practical and logical practice to improve your home’s feng shui.

#2 Minimalist living: 6 fab ideas from Singapore homes
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The minimalist movement is gaining traction around the world, with more and more people being drawn to the idea of living simply and with less stuff and distractions. In Singapore, the idea of minimalism is especially compelling, given that many of us live in small apartments. We bring you six design ideas for achieving stress-free, no-frills living in Singapore.

#3 4 things to consider when building your dream kitchen
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The perfect kitchen starts with proper space planning and the right cabinet carcass, so that your kitchen serves your needs and continues to look good in the years to come. To select the right cabinet carcass for your home, you’ll first need to consider four important aspects. Find out what they are.

#4 Home decor ideas: 10 low cost ways to upgrade your space
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Contrary to popular belief, giving your home a makeover need not be a costly and daunting affair. All it needs is clever planning, smart purchase and a little elbow grease. We let you in on some simple yet effective tricks that need no renovation and can be done in one weekend.

#5 4 carpentry components you should know
Lookbox Living 2019 top design ideas - carpentry components by Archive Design

Almost every home has a custom-made shelving unit or cupboard. Just look at the TV console, the cabinets in your kitchen, or the wardrobe in your bedroom. What goes into each piece and how can we ensure that our customised carpentry pieces will turn out the way we envision? For peace of mind during renovation, Archive Design tells us what we should look out for – the four key components that could either make or break the design of your customised carpentry.

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