4 things to consider when building your dream kitchen

The four important aspects to the perfect home kitchen are encapsulated in Alustil’s aluminium Huracan system.

Text by Jasmine Goh

The perfect kitchen starts with proper space planning and the right cabinet carcass, so that your kitchen serves your needs and continues to look good in the years to come. To select the right cabinet carcass for your home, consider Alustil’s Huracan system – a revolutionary carcass in aluminium cabinet design. This carcass is constructed using a winning combination of thick aluminium and solid joints that maximises stability, withstands heavy impact, and is completely modular.

#1 Firm Foundations

dream kitchen - Alustil aluminium Huracan system

As the basic building block of the kitchen, the cabinet carcass of Alustil’s Huracan system offers both stability and durability. While the common assumption is that aluminium is a light material that dents easily, this is not the case for Alustil. The Huracan system uses thick aluminium and its solid skeleton retains its shape and alignment even when impacted with a heavy force. This is a strong and durable cabinet system that is not only good to look at, but also practical in usage.


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To find out what else needs to be considered when building your dream kitchen, download this cheat sheet!

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