A garden villa – Create Architecture

By thoughtfully revitalising existing structures, this luxurious home by Create Architecture embraces nature and light as defining elements of tropical living.

  • A garden villa – Create Architecture

Text by Janice Seow

Project type: 3-storey semi- detached house
Floor area: 10,258sqft

Situated in a corner of an odd-shaped plot, this residence posed a unique challenge. Create Architecture embraced the task of preserving the original house while reimagining both the facade and the interior spaces. Adhering to the client’s preference, the design concept revolved around crafting a luxurious villa infused with a ‘Muji-inspired’ aesthetic.

Create Architecture project

The designers introduced verdant greenery on the facade – creating a ‘Hanging Gardens’ feature as
an extension of the surrounding environment. The ‘Hanging Gardens’ concept also extends to the 15-metre pool that is framed by the terracing planters from the outdoor deck and the lush landscape on the other side.

Within the expansive living and dining area, the harmonious blend of neutral concrete finishes, complemented by the various layers of lighting emanating from ceiling coves and the abundant natural light pouring in through glass pivot doors, conjures a warm and inviting ambience reminiscent of a luxurious tropical villa.

Create Architecture project

The rooms exude a sense of modern luxury with their spacious layout. Take, for instance, the expansive walk-in closet, designed to resemble a high-end fashion boutique. Glass doors create chic enclosures, showcasing the sophisticated interplay of light against the backdrop of timber-patterned shelving and cabinetry.

Create Architecture


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