Why we should be using more aluminium in our kitchen

We look at some of the common misconception when it comes to this underrated material and find out if they are based on myth or fact.

Text by Jasmine Goh
Images courtesy of Alustil

Aluminium is lightweight yet sturdy; it’s also easy to maintain and doesn’t rust. So why are we not using it in our kitchens? It turns out that certain misconceptions about the material are causing homeowners to shy away from aluminium kitchens. Let’s look at the top concerns of homeowners and find out whether these views have any basis in truth.

“An aluminium kitchen will look too industrial in my home.”

Alustil aluminium kitchen MOD Grandeur Cosmopolitan

Myth: The common misconception is that aluminium kitchen cabinets look cold and metallic like stainless steel. That’s not true. Aluminium cabinets can be fronted with glass doors in a variety of colours to suit the design of your kitchen. You can also top it off with a countertop of your choice (solid surface, quartz, marble, etc) to create the desired look.


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To learn more of aluminium kitchen cabinets, download this cheat sheet!

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