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3 amazing kitchen designs at every price point

No matter what your budget, now you won’t have an excuse to shoddy-looking kitchen that doesn’t serve you well.

  • 3 amazing kitchen designs at every price point

  • 3 amazing kitchen designs at every price point

  • 3 amazing kitchen designs at every price point

  • 3 amazing kitchen designs at every price point

  • 3 amazing kitchen designs at every price point

  • 3 amazing kitchen designs at every price point

  • 3 amazing kitchen designs at every price point

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

With the pandemic having us confined in our homes 24/7, many find themselves in the kitchen more often than before – trying new recipes, cooking up a storm and baking like there’s no tomorrow with their loved ones. There are also times when you wished that you have more counter space to knead the dough. Or installed more drawers instead of casement doors so you don’t have to bend over all the time.

If you’re planning to redesign your kitchen to better suit your needs or simply building a kitchen in your new home, don’t let the renovation costs deter you. Alustil has developed three different kitchen designs to suit every price point. But no matter which kitchen series you opt for, aesthetics, craftmanship and durability are not compromised.

With its very own patented base cabinet that is flexible in sizing, the Huracan carcase system used in all its kitchen series is made from solid extruded aluminium, featuring edgeless inner corners and adjustable shelf height. Various countertop surfaces such as quartz and compact panel, as well as optional accessories (cabinet door and drawer systems, and drawer organisers) are applicable for all series. The major difference is the surface panel used in each series.

#1 Entry-level: A-Class Series
Alustil A-Class Series Kitchen Alustil A-Class Series Kitchen (2)

The A-Class Series is what Alustil calls affordable luxury. It uses melamine laminate surfaces that project a high-quality look and feel, minus the hefty price tag. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, they are very sturdy and fairly easy to maintain. The ridged aluminium handles have rounded edges for safety with length options for door panels and drawers for a seamless and uniform look. As for the drawer system and hinges, Hettich is used.

#2 Mid-range: B-Class Series
Alustil B-Class Series Kitchen Alustil B-Class Series Kitchen (3)

The B-Class Series is a step-up of the A-Class Series with its coloured glass surface panels that project a subtle shine of class. Timeless and luxurious in appeal, the glass panels are resistant to heat, stain, scratch and moisture. Grooved handles appear hidden for a sleek and clean finish, which complement any worktop surface, be it quartz or compact panel. Lastly, Blum drawer system and hinges are the preferred choices for this modern-day classic kitchen.

#3 Luxury: C-Class Series
Alustil C-Class Series Kitchen (3) Alustil C-Class Series Kitchen (2)

This top of the range kitchen uses compact panels for its cabinetry finishing. They are engineered to last a lifetime, with incredible resilience to wear and tear, heat, water, scratch, stain and fingerprint. Similarly, the handles, hinges and drawer system are the same as the ones used in the B-Class Series for greater usability.


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