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Archive Design

Established: 2016

From left: Elaine Yu, Accounts Management; Lucas Yang, Director; Rachel Lim, Project Management; Shirley Stephanie, Interior Designer; and Britney Go, Interior Designer

Design approach:
We do not have a fixed methodology. Our approach is unique to each client and project, but we always keep a balance of form and function.

Trend forecast:
Curves are back! More homeowners are exposed and inspired by curvaceous shapes and structures. Though curved forms look good, one must be careful as they involve more costs and time to build. We will also be seeing more loose furnishings as opposed to built-ins as an increasing number of people are willing to invest in good quality, timeless pieces.

Future activations:
We hope to use more unusual materials in our projects. As designers, we are always sourcing for materials from overseas that can give a home a really distinctive touch. We also hope to express the design brief and the actual build of the structure through more physical and visual mock-ups in our new and upcoming showroom.

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