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Minimalist living: 6 fab ideas from Singapore homes

We bring you 6 design ideas for achieving stress-free, no-frills living in Singapore

Text by Janice Seow

The minimalist movement is gaining traction around the world, with more and more people being drawn to the idea of living simply and with less stuff and distractions. In Singapore, the idea of minimalism is especially compelling, given that many of us live in small apartments. Besides only keeping (or trying only to keep) what ‘sparks joy’, as Marie Kondo would say, here are six other ideas from Singapore homes to help you achieve your dream minimalist pad.

#1 Choose flexible designs


Home type: 5-room HDB flat

This flat is home to a couple with three kids who have chosen to embrace the minimalist movement. The flat is devoid of anything uneccessary yet boasts plenty of storage space. The pegboard wall is functional yet makes a bold design statement; the owners have free play to change or add shelving only as needed. No unnessarily bulky displays here! This home was a Shortlist in Lookbox Design Awards 2018.

Design by UNO Interior

#2 Keep the stuff you have out of sight


Home type: 3-bedroom condo

The owners of this condo unit like things neat and desired a clean and uncluttered home (Marie Kondo would be proud!). Their apartment features plenty of sleek and streamlined storage solutions, so they can hide things neatly, out of sight.

Design by Design Zage

#3 Forgo bulky-looking storage


Home type: 3-bedroom condo

A spatially tight living room has been transformed into a glamorous space. In order to fit in a sofa and still ensure enough room for the kids to play, the designers have done away with a TV console in the living area and instead turned the feature wall into graphic statement piece by playing on brass details.

Design by Third Avenue Studio

#4 Play on simple, neutral colours


Home type: 5-room HDB flat

The two brothers who live in this flat wanted a sleek and minimalist home with distinct focal points. Definition is brought to the interiors by way of black ‘colourblocks’, and the results are striking.

Design by IN-EXPAT

#5 No frills, no complications


Home type: 3-bedroom condo

The bachelor owner wanted his home to have a soothing ‘Muji-zen vibe’. Given that a large dining table wasn’t needed, the designer created a no frills ‘dining nook’ where three cantilevered blocks form a cosy area suitable for two.

Design by Emily Chang

#6 Make your furniture work harder


Home type: 4-room HDB flat

Why have two pieces of furniture when you only need one? To create a home that connects the dining, study and music studio, while still able to function separately when needed, openings were carved out of the walls. But the most fascinating aspect is the 3.6m-long table that straddles between two spaces through the opening, serving as both the study table and dining table. This home received an Honourable Mention in Lookbox Design Awards 2018.


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