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Enjoying freedom and flexibility in this four-room BTO

For a young couple entering a new phase of life, a flexible home that gives room for change makes all the difference.

Home Type: 4-room HDB BTO flat

Floor Area: 1,000sqft

Text by Airis Abdullah

Buying a home is a rite of passage for young couples. For this couple in their early thirties, a home that fits their plans for expanding their family is vital. They had engaged design consultant Chloe Tay from I.D.I.D, who designed the home with flexibility in mind.

Lighting was essential for the whole look to complement and lift the colour palette. Chloe’s lighting strategy included recessed lights, magnetic track lights and wall lights. In the dining area, striking pendant lamps, which the couple sourced online along with the rest of the furnishings, draw attention.

flexibility 4-room BTO I.D.I.D

The couple prefers grey hues, so Chloe worked in lines, textures and other colours to warm up the home. In the foyer, cabinets and drawers provide a cosy entrance. Designed for flexibility, the movable storage bench serves as seating that can be used elsewhere in the home.

flexibility 4-room BTO I.D.I.D

Like the foyer, vertical lines can be seen in the living area. A fabric-like laminate is used for the television feature wall, which was designed with delicate grooves. “The fabric-looking laminate gives the space a soft appearance,” Chloe says, referring to the living area that is awash in shades of grey and black.

flexibility 4-room BTO I.D.I.D

flexibility 4-room BTO I.D.I.D

For flexibility, the dining area includes a pull-out table that can accommodate more people when the couple entertains. When tucked into the island unit, it leaves plenty of room for the couple’s baby to play. Here, chairs in mustard and light grey warm up the deeper grey tones, along with the dark wood vinyl flooring.

flexibility 4-room BTO I.D.I.D

flexibility 4-room BTO I.D.I.D

Another feature of the island is the movable section inside the kitchen proper. This compact counter can be moved further into the kitchen for additional food prep space. The kitchen can then be closed off with folding doors to contain cooking fumes.

flexibility BTO flat I.D.I.D

The couple also requested movable side tables in the master bedroom so that they could shift the bed and place the baby cot in the room. In addition to this, every element was measured meticulously to maximise the space. Despite the space limitations, the room accommodates a compact vanity area and an L-shaped wardrobe.

flexibility 4-room BTO I.D.I.D

Some hacking was done to connect the master bedroom to the next room. Here, a wardrobe caters for the husband, an arrangement that helps to minimise disruption to the couple’s day-to-day life due to his irregular schedule.

flexibility 4-room BTO I.D.I.D

The modern luxury feel continues into the master bathroom. Chloe sourced for the perfect granite top to complement the wall and floor tiles for the upscale hotel look. The shades of grey give a cosy and warm ambience with the intentional use of patterns and textures.

flexibility 4-room BTO I.D.I.D


Where to Shop
Vanity granite top in master bathroom from Aurastone
Vinyl flooring from Inovar
Laminates from Admira

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