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Marble textures and gold trimmings give this home a modern luxury update

To emphasise this apartment’s understated yet luxe look, design firm I.D.I.D applied textures, lines and neutral colours to great effect.

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 925sqft

Text by Angela Low

I.D.I.D spruced up the modern luxury scheme of this condominium unit with lavish, marble-like finishes and gold accents. This is in line with the young couple’s request for sophisticated interiors with a light colour scheme that maintains the openness of the apartment.

Modern Luxury Update | IDID

I.D.I.D has translated this couple’s love for modern luxury spaces into their modest apartment; adopting a minimalist slant to the decor and colour palette to counteract its lack of space. A wall behind the sofa has also been removed to create a larger living space.

Modern Luxury Update | IDID - balcony

The balcony’s full-length glass doors, positioned right next to the living area, allow plenty of sunlight into the space. Not only does this visually open up the room, it offers natural ventilation as well. The balcony also features a motorised zip track and a smart rain sensor to protect the indoor furniture from getting soaked by unexpected downpours.

Modern Luxury Update | IDID - living

The floor-to-ceiling cabinets by the TV console provide copious storage space. To prevent it from looking too clunky while giving it a touch of luxe, the designers introduced small, gold strips into its recessed panels. Visual contrast comes in the form of a TV feature wall clad in dark marble-look laminates with the same gold trimming to soften the solid finish.

Modern Luxury Update | IDID - bedroom

The designers created a private sanctuary in the master bedroom, complete with a TV wall in front of the bed. The wall-mounted feature is covered in marble-look laminates, and includes a vertical console to store audio-visual equipment and unsightly cables. To cater to the couple’s need for storage units, the designers opted for a storage bed without taking up additional space.

Modern Luxury Update | IDID - headboard

The design of the bedhead in the master bedroom borrows from that of the TV console in the living room, offering visual continuity as well as a look of luxury in the private space. Inspired by the style of Versace, it marries black and white marble-look laminates with gold trimming. It is also flanked by two cantilevered storage cabinets that double as night lamps.


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