Minimalist interior design: 6 easy ways to achieve the look

Here are 6 easy ways to nail this increasing popular look.

  • Minimalist interior design: 6 easy ways to achieve the look

  • Minimalist interior design: 6 easy ways to achieve the look

  • Minimalist interior design: 6 easy ways to achieve the look

  • Minimalist interior design: 6 easy ways to achieve the look

  • Minimalist interior design: 6 easy ways to achieve the look

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

More and more people desire minimalist interior design in their homes. Perhaps it’s a design trend, or is it because Singaporeans lead a hectic lifestyle, ergo crave a simple, uncluttered space that could help them de-stress and unwind? Whatever the reasons may be, the minimalist movement is here to stay. So, read on to find out how you can nail this look like a pro!

#1 Neutral colour scheme

Minimalist interior design condo bedroom by IN-EXPAT

For a clean and simple outlook, keep to a neutral colour palette of white, black, grey, beige, taupe and brown. This includes everything from paint colours to flooring, furniture and furnishings. Add lots of textures for extra dimension using various materials like stone, wood and fabric.
Design by IN-EXPAT


#2 Clean lines

Minimalist interior design Matilda House by Templeton Architecture

Geometric shapes and clean lines are keys in creating an excellent minimalist interior design. A great example is mid-century modern furniture which bears a pared down, streamlined look that exudes a chic yet timeless appeal.
Design by Templeton Architecture


#3 Clutter-free surfaces

Minimalist interior design kitchen by asolidplan

When it comes to minimalist interior design, there is no such thing as organised chaos. So put everything away once you’ve finished using them. Tackle your kitchen counter, work desk and dining table as these are the most visible and notorious surfaces that become dumping grounds.


#4 Hidden storage

Metre Architects tiny studio apartment living area and bedroom

Open shelving storage is rising in popularity but true minimalist would avoid it altogether, as it makes clutter the more visible. Not to mention, it’s takes a lot of maintenance to keep everything in tip top shape. And let’s be real, how many of us are actually pros at styling open shelves? My point exactly. So keep your mess behind closed storage instead.
Design by Metre Architects


#5 Function before aesthetics

Minimalist interior design transformer apartment in Hong Kong by Sim-Plex Design Studio

At first glance, a minimalist interior design appears to be all about aesthetics. But you’d be surprise to know that function takes precedence, because it’s all about having as little items as possible with as much value as possible. This is when multifunctional furniture come into play. Think sofa bed, extendable table, dining table cum wine storage and wardrobe cum wall divider.
Design by Sim-Plex Design Studio


#6 Minimal decor

Minimalist interior design in a Melbourne Stables House by Robson Rak

Less is more for a minimalist interior design. Decorative items such as artwork and knick-knacks are kept to a bare minimum, as they do not serve any purpose apart from being pretty to look at. So keep only items you truly love and cherish for years to come. Avoid impulse buys and think carefully before you purchase non-functional objects. You wouldn’t want to be spring-cleaning and throwing stuff away frequently, would you?
Design by Robson Rak

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