Dulux reveals the ‘it’ paint colours of 2019

The annual Dulux colour forecast is out! Make note of what colours are making a splash across the design world.

  • Dulux reveals the ‘it’ paint colours of 2019

  • Dulux reveals the ‘it’ paint colours of 2019

  • Dulux reveals the ‘it’ paint colours of 2019

  • Dulux reveals the ‘it’ paint colours of 2019

Text by Aleesha Callahan

Always something to look forward to, the annual Dulux ANZ Colour Forecast presents a fresh new perspective of what colours we can expect to see popping up over the course of the year.

The range draws on a variety of influences and travels, including the Salone del Mobile Milan. This year the palettes were created through a prism of wellness, rejuvenation and environmental consciousness.

The overarching theme for the four palettes is ‘Filter’, which draws on the combination of self-care and wellness with the increasing influence of technology.


Dulux Colour Forecast 2019 - wholeself colours

This palette conjures undulating forms and light muted shades. Sparse, paired back and soft, these colours truly reflect the rise in the wellness revolution. Warmth is expressed through neutrals and soft pinks, with touches of gold. In a word, this collection is calm.


Dulux Colour Forecast 2019 - identity colours

Keeping with the overall theme and also focused on ideas around the self, the Identity palette continues in its soft, wellness approach while allowing for opportunities of individual expression or imagination. Continuing the focus on self, however, with a shift in emphasis, the Identity palette encourages individuality and imagination.

Bringing in a playful mix of colours, Identity is non-conformist in its approach. The range is made up of saturated blues, purples and oranges with clashing patterns and contrasts.


Dulux Colour Forecast 2019 - repair colours

Again calling on the overarching theme of ‘Filter’, the Repair palette draws on the natural world and an increasing need to rethink the way we consume. It presents a dichotomy of strength and fragility.

Finishes are more textured and hues derived from nature, with earthy cinnamons and siennas complemented by warm greens and lively yellows.


Dulux Colour Forecast 2019 - legacy colours

The final palette in the new forecast is Legacy. This range is directly influenced by craftsmanship, timelessness and weaving together old and new. Best described as elegant eclecticism, it is expressed through contemporary takes on Art Deco.

Colours include warm pinks, shades of lilac and mauve with deeper highlights of reds, blues and greens.

Dulux Singapore will unveil its ‘Colour of the Year’ in a few weeks. So watch this space for updates!


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