Enjoying downtime in an HDB weekend home

For one couple, a weekend home is a spacious five-room HDB flat where they can kick back, relax and enjoy the things they love.

  • Enjoying downtime in an HDB weekend home

  • Enjoying downtime in an HDB weekend home

  • Enjoying downtime in an HDB weekend home

  • Enjoying downtime in an HDB weekend home

  • Enjoying downtime in an HDB weekend home

  • Enjoying downtime in an HDB weekend home

Home Type: 5-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,184sqft

Text by Janice Seow

The weekend home is a rather rare concept in Singapore, not just because of high property prices, but because it generally brings to mind a far-off getaway, which is a challenge in our small city state.

One couple, however, has worked with interior design studio arche° to create a weekend home out of a five-room HDB flat. For them, the definition of a weekend home was quite simply an alternative space that catered to their personal pursuits, and where they could enjoy some time alone and as a couple.

weekend home 5-room HDB flat

“They wanted this flat to have distinguishing features. At the same time, it had to have a classic, understated look, and clean lines with minimal fuss,” shares interior designer Pang Min Hui, who took a people-first and somewhat organic approach in designing this flat.

“Because of the degree of personalisation that the homeowners were looking for, the process of designing the communal areas was very much about understanding them as individuals, not just visualising how these spaces would look. Essentially, we had to look at things from their perspective before proceeding to craft a space that would suit their lifestyle,” he continues.

bookcase in weekend home

The home has been split into two zones – an active zone (living hall, cosy corner, study, dining area and kitchen), and a resting zone (master suite and walk-in-wardrobe). Areas in the home have also been left deliberately bare, allowing the furniture to stand out in the space. There were several furniture pieces that the owners specifically wanted to include in their home, including a Hakama dining set from Conde House and a Mola Lux one-arm sofa from Grafunkt.

“In this flat, neutrals create a simple base and tans are used as a complementary accent to ground the space. The new parquet flooring also achieves a solid feel underfoot” adds Min Hui.

dining area in weekend home

A custom bookcase and bay window seating make for a cosy reading corner for the owners, who are book lovers. Notably, the bookcase sports a distinctive rolling ladder that’s angled to take up less space.

The simplicity of the dining area means one can better appreciate the form and beautiful details of the Hakama dining set. Above, adjustable Nula 8 recessed lamps from Sol Luminaire bring a touch of playfulness to the space.

dining table

The kitchen was another important space for the couple, given that the husband enjoys cooking. “Right from the start, the owners were drawn to the idea of having a cool-looking kitchen, which is why the cabinets are all clad in dark blue laminates,” says Min Hui. “But in order to break up the look, other design accents were included. Most prominently, the backsplash features patterned and plain tiles in an alternating lay. This prevents the wall feature from overwhelming the space,” he continues. To cater to the home chef, the space has also been well fitted out with a concealed dishwasher, an automatic faucet from TOTO, and even a teppanyaki stove.

weekend home

Even though this was a weekend home, the couple still wanted a dedicated and quiet study where they could get work done. To create an ideal environment, free of distractions, the designer has taken a reductionist approach in the design of this room, with pristine white walls and only the essential pieces of study furniture that were purchased from vintage Scandinavian store Noden.

study room

The master suite is a spacious hideaway with a walk-in wardrobe that’s achieved by merging the master bedroom with an adjacent room. “Like how the study is designed to be a place for work, the master bedroom is a space that’s purely for rest,” says Min Hui.

master bedroom in weekend home

The custom bedframe is a large singular structure that anchors and defines the space, while the chosen Lamitak wood laminate finish creates a cosy, log cabin atmosphere. Glass sliding doors keep the resting and dressing areas separate, yet maintain a tranquil and open feel, and allow natural light to fill the entire space.

walk-in wardrobe in weekend home

“The homeowners have plenty of clothes, which is why there’s two-and-a-half walls worth of cabinet space in this walk-in wardrobe,” shares Min Hui. “The centre island is actually moveable, with wheels concealed at its base. The first drawer also comes with a glass top, and is reserved exclusively for the male homeowner’s ties and watch collection,” the designer adds.

master bathroom

At the request of the female homeowner, the master en suite features a counter that functions as a dressing table with accessory/make-up drawers. The countertop is made of quartz in an off-white shade to match the subway tiles on the walls, which have been laid vertically to give the impression of a higher ceiling.

As a weekend home, this flat allows the owners to pursue their hobbies and interests in quiet and simple fashion, and it also responds to their individual needs. It honours downtime, and that’s luxury.


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