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10 easy ways to add feminine touches to your home

In celebration of International Women’s Day, here are some décor ideas to add feminine touches to any space.

#1 Paint your wallsDulux Colour Futures Colour of the Year 2019 A place to dream - feminine touch feminine touch in monochromatic colours by Dulux

Flowery pastels and soft pinks often pop into mind when discussing colours that are feminine. For a soft look that’s still grown-up, combine muted pastels – like lavender or baby pink – with warm neutrals such as AkzoNobel’s Colour of the Year 2019 – Spiced Honey. That said, bolder colours of the spectrum –jewel-tone shades can look equally feminine. But if you live with a male partner, perhaps a monochromatic palette of whites, creams and soft greys (equally as romantic) would be a better option.

#2 Display fresh bloomsfeminine touch in Inside Out Apartment by Provolk Architects

Apart from diamonds and chocolates, it’s safe to say that women love flowers. Put your favourite blooms – they don’t have to be pink – in a pretty vase and display them on your desk, dining table, coffee table, bathroom vanity, or wherever you like in your home. See full home feature here.
Design by Provolk Architects

#3 Have plenty of throw pillowsfeminine touch in bedroom by Minimology

Jazz up your sofa and bed with throw pillows of various colours, patterns, designs and sizes. Be sure to get those with removable covers so you can change up the look according to mood, season and occasion. See full home feature here. See full home feature here.
Design by Minimology

#4 Hang light, flowy curtains
feminine touch in Croydon House by Arent & Pyke

It’s undeniable that women instantly look more feminine when they put on a flowy dress or skirt. The same effect can be achieved in your home with the right window treatment. So swap your blinds for soft, flowy curtains, which dance to the rhythm of the breeze.
Design by Arent & Pyke

#5 Light the candlesfeminine touch light candles

There’s a reason why candles are often gifted to women on birthdays, Christmases and other special occasions. Women absolutely love smelling lovely scents that make them feel good; just like what perfume does to women. So light a candle or two in your living space, or in the bathroom when you’re having an at-home spa session.

#6 Get a full-length mirrorfeminine touch by D' Initial Concept

Mirrors are vital in creating the impression of space, but also to check oneself out from head to toe. Men probably won’t understand this but full-length mirrors are made for women. Whether you prefer one with intricate framed detailing or a minimalist framed mirror, be sure it expresses your personality while complementing your interior. See full home feature here. See full home feature here.
Design by D’ Initial Concept

#7 Build a walk-in wardrobefeminine touch in HDB flat wardrobe by Joey Khu ID

It’s every woman’s dream to have a walk-in wardrobe. If you have the luxury of space or are willing to convert one of your bedrooms into a walk-in wardrobe, then this should be at the top of your list. See full home feature here. See full home feature here.
Design by Joey Khu ID

#8 Display your jewellery

feminine touch by Dabble Studio and Wee Studio

(L-R) Macrame shelf from Dabble Studio, Design by wee studio

Every woman has a collection of pretty jewellery. And since you spend good money on them, why hide them away in the back of a closet. Have them displayed on a pretty tray or hang them on hooks. Not only do they make your space prettier and a tad more feminine, displaying them makes getting ready in the mornings that much easier. See full home feature here.

#9 Hang a chandelier
feminine touch by Design of Schatz

Chandeliers, especially crystal ones like this resemble drop earrings. If you live all by yourself, go bold by hanging it above your dining table or in the bedroom. Otherwise, elevate your walk-in closet or bathroom with a beautiful chandelier.
Design by Design of Schatz

#10 Style your bedside/coffee tablefeminine touch to a table

Similar to how a woman elevates an outfit with jewellery and accessories, the same can be done to a coffee table and bedside table. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to styling these occasional furniture. Use a pretty tray or box to collate small items, add a decorative object to the mix or stack it atop several coffee table books.

So there you have it. Ten easy ways to add feminine touches to any space in your home. Be sure to give them a shot. Happy International Women’s Day!

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