5 great finds at the new Nitori store in Singapore

Nitori opens today at Courts Nojima The Heeren to provide a wide range affordable furniture and furnishing for the home.

  • 5 great finds at the new Nitori store in Singapore

Nitori, billed as Japan’s largest furniture and home furnishing retail brand, has opened its first showroom in Singapore.

Spanning 31,630 square feet on level four of COURTS Nojima The Heeren, 260 Orchard Road, Nitori’s store in Singapore is here to offer quality products at affordable prices.

According to Nitori, this is possible because the company manages all aspects of the business from product planning to design, manufacturing, distribution and sales of over 90 per cent of the products retailing at the store.

Nitori store Singapore

To help with your shopping, products are categorised in ‘interior themes’ such as Simple, Natural, Vintage, Feminine and Japanese Modern. You can also shop at their e-store, which is easy to navigate based on product category, colour and style.

Here are five products to check out.

#1 Anhelo 3-seat recliner sofa

(Top image) A recliner for compact spaces, Anhelo’s high back supports the head and the electric recline allows you to adjust the angle to your liking. It comes with a USB port so you can conveniently charge your cell phone and tablet PC. Comes in three types of material. Priced at $3,199.

#2 N-Hibari coffee table

N-Hibari coffee table

One of their best sellers, the N-Hibari is a nifty coffee table that’s perfect for a work from home set up. What’s more, the hidden storage feature is great for storing books, the remote and anything else you have lying around. Priced at $599.

#3 Ligare kitchenboard

Ligare kitchenboard

This sturdy kitchenboard is suited for modestly-sized apartments, and comes with dedicated cubbies to store kitchen staples like the rice cooker and microwave oven – which helps to keep your kitchen space neat and organised. Priced at $1,840.

#4 Bedding with N-Cool Technology

N Cool technology Bedding

Nitori’s proprietary N-Cool Technology bedding is designed to give you a cooler night’s rest. There are three degrees of cooling to choose from: N-Cool, N-Cool Super, and N-Cool W Super. The fabric is antibacterial with deodorising treatment, as well as water-absorbent and quick-drying. The product range includes comforters, pillow pads, fitted sheets, pillowcases and even rugs.

#5 Height adjustable all pipe pillow

All pipe adjustable pillow

Ever found your pillow to be too low or high? That’s no longer an issue because this pipe pillow can be height adjusted, simply by removing the pipe hidden inside. The pillow is made with polyethylene filling, is firm, and washable. Priced at $19.90.

There are opening promotions running till 18 Apr. Nitori Singapore is located at level four of COURTS Nojima The Heeren, 260 Orchard Road.

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