8 stylish walk-in wardrobes to covet

Draw inspiration from these 8 homes with well-designed walk-in wardrobes

8 stylish walk-in wardrobes to covet

A walk-in wardrobe is a luxury many would love to have. While space can often be a constraint, some creative partitioning may be all it takes for you to have the closet of your dreams. Here are 8 homes with well-designed walk-in wardrobes to draw inspiration from.

By Deborah Jane Goon

1) An Open-concept Fashion Nook

Neu-Koncepts_ED_IMG_0007_p Design by Neu Konceptz

The walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom is carved out from a second bedroom that has been merged to become one cohesive space. It allows the owners enough privacy to keep their clothes hidden from visitors while giving them easy access to the wardrobe.

2) A Whole Room to Spare

Home-Journal_bedroom-dividerDesign by Home Journal

The owners of this home chose to separate their bedroom from the walk-in wardrobe area using glass doors and windows. As the wardrobe room behind the bedroom is constructed in the same industrial theme, it also doubles up as a unique backdrop.

3) A Dressing Area with A Mirror

251Design by Weiken.com

This open-concept wardrobe is just the right size for regular HDB flats. The spacious layout means that the wardrobe area will be well ventilated and have ample room for you to get dressed in there. The partition also doubles up as a full-length mirror, saving space and creating an illusion of bigger area.

4) Gallery of Accessories

Space Vision_Thomson 11Design by Space Vision Design

Why not use the walk-in wardrobe to showcase your beautiful collection of designer bags? Open shelves can be used to display accessories for easy reach during rushed mornings. These shelves also work for items that are usually folded like towels, sheets or even sweaters. Install glass doors to keep dust out for easy maintenance!

5) The Classy Boutique Showroom

1070Design by The Interior Place

If you have the room to expand your wardrobe, do it in style. This walk-in wardrobe with a full-length glass partition looks like a luxury fashion boutique. A swing door has also been installed to keep humidity and moisture out. Add an extra touch of sophistication with an island dresser to store watches, jewellery and other accessories.

6) Dressing Up Should Be As Fun As This

Linear-Space_Pop-Art-HDB_0086Design by Linear Space Concepts

Drawing inspiration from school lockers, this walk-in wardrobe is not just fun but practical as well. By building floor-to-ceiling cupboards, the homeowners are able to maximize the space they have. Doors allow the walk-in area to look neater and there is less pressure to maintain a well-arranged closet. The wardrobe is separated from the bedroom by a curtain instead of another door, which is a cost-effective solution.

7) The Statement Piece of the Home

Posh-Home_ED_2 Design by Posh Home

This wardrobe is the stand-out feature in this home where one has to walk through this space in order to gain access into the concealed master bedroom. This one-of-a-kind walk-in wardrobe was constructed from wooden boards and water pipes for an edgy, raw look. The spacious walk-in wardrobe allows for ample storage space and also room for nice decorative touches like a leather rug and chair.

8) Your Private Collection

Laank_ed_10_LookBox15614_1Design by LAANK

Strategically placed next to the master bathroom, this brilliant concept ensures maximum privacy and efficiency as you can go from shower stall to wardrobe with a few quick steps. The ample shelving and galley design of this walk-in wardrobe allows maximum storage. The cove lighting within the wardrobe is an elegant and practical feature to consider.


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