Reno Ideas

Plywood transforms this HDB flat into a custom abode

By harnessing the transformative power of plywood interiors, MONOCOT has given this Strathmore Avenue home a good dose of personality and warmth.

The comforts and bliss of farmhouse living in an HDB flat

In this HDB flat designed by Ethereall, the rustic charm of farmhouse living and all manner of modern creature comforts can be enjoyed to the full.

10 ways to fully maximise space in your home

With homes getting smaller, think out of the box to fully utilise every square inch in your home, so you won’t ever feel claustrophobic anymore.

A Zen-like home designed for tea appreciation

Home to an avid tea connoisseur and collector, this flat serves as an intimate sanctuary for any tea lovers to relax in, and a catalyst to meaningful conversations.

Resort-style living made possible in an apartment

Modelled after a modern resort, this condominium apartment conceived by Metaphor Studio is akin to a luxury staycation at home.

A flexible HDB flat that exhibits a theatrical quality

Metaphor Studio manipulated the layout of this Pinnacle@Duxton resale flat as a stage for a couple to live out their best lives for many years to come.

This bachelorette pad ticks all the right boxes

Once a cookie-cutter apartment, it has been completely reimagined as a stylish home with the help of SPIRE.

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5 creative and unique renovation ideas to inspire you

Your home is a representation of your taste and personality; and DSOD Interior has brilliantly put a unique touch in each of these homes.

Hidden storage makes the difference in this four-room flat

Designed by Hock Hoon, smart spatial zoning and custom carpentry work in tandem to create a home that’s bright, simple and comfortable for a couple with a newborn.