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Minimalist interior design: 6 easy ways to achieve the look

Here are 6 easy ways to nail this increasing popular look.

Nippon Paint’s virtual painter lets you visualise how your home looks like after painting

With the Nippon Paint Colour Visualiser, you can use augmented reality on your phone to see how different colours will look in your home.

A hard-wearing yet beautiful sink is what every kitchen needs

The AXOR SilicaLux Granite Sink is built to work hard in your kitchen, so you don’t have to.

Quality leather sofas just got more affordable

A leather sofa is not just beautiful to look at and comfortable to sit on, but a worthy investment that you can now more easily attain, thanks to two forward-thinking Italian sofa brands carried by Furniture Club.

How to read your floor plan

The first step to a well-organised and efficient spatial configuration is to understand the floor plan of your home. Here are useful tips to get you started!

4 great bespoke designs for the home

Here’s a curated selection of bespoke products to help you express your personality and style.

The successful transformation of a tricky space in Hong Kong

A flat in Hong Kong has seen a drastic evolution – or indeed revolution – changing into a mixed use living and working space. It takes inspiration from the spatial design of communal village spaces. After all, as they say sometimes, it takes a village…

Natural materials for the home, and great fuss-free alternatives

Marble, wood and concrete each have their distinctive allure. We suss out these beautiful materials and present fuss-free alternatives to achieving the same look and style at home.

Redesigning an old walk-up apartment

In the hands of D’Marvel Scale, a childhood home gets transformed into a nostalgia-tinged yet practical abode.

4 designs you never thought you’d see on laminates

artäk, Lamitak’s new brand proves that new-age laminates can bring vibrant art and bold design into your home.