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5 creative and unique renovation ideas to inspire you

Your home is a representation of your taste and personality; and DSOD Interior has brilliantly put a unique touch in each of these homes.

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Home renovation is an exciting journey that brings you one step closer to moving into your dream home. Given that you’ll be investing a large sum of money to renovation, it’s only natural that you’d want to steer clear from cookie cutter designs and welcome tailored design solutions that reflect your personality and lifestyle. As a matter of fact, this philosophy drives much of the work at interior design firm DSOD Interior that believes in developing as many design languages as possible as everyone is different and unique. Here are five homes designed by the local firm, each with incredibly unique design ideas that tell a compelling story of their inhabitants.

#1 Bespoke partition cum media unit
unique home renovation idea by DSOD Interior (2)

Doubling as a TV console, this bespoke partition cleverly defines the living and the dining areas without obstructing the openness of the whole space. The timber top of the TV console is cantilevered – a small and simple gesture that creates an illusion of levitation, further reinforcing the sense of lightness in the room.
See full home feature here.

#2 Cafe style dining
unique home renovation idea by DSOD Interior (4)

The homeowners of this HDB flat love the chill-out vibes of cafes and decided to bring the experience into their own home. Communal bench seating lend an inviting atmosphere while the blackboard on the wall allows the owners to write their daily specials or to leave notes for each other. The coffee station within the built-in cabinetry also makes it a breeze to make a cuppa anytime.

#3 Bookstore style home office
unique home renovation idea by DSOD Interior (3)

This modern industrial paradise of a home has several unique features, one of it is in the home office. It exudes a youthful and vibrant outlook akin to the children’s reading corner in a bookstore. Floating shelves, cantilevered desk, raised platform and open shelving that doubles as bench seat makes this a unique space for both adults and kids.

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#4 Integrated dog house
unique home renovation idea by DSOD Interior

Great pet owners would do anything to make their pets a part of the family. In this condominium apartment, the owners did just that. A small opening was carved out within the feature wall in the living room to accommodate a cosy dog house for the owners’ cute Corgi canine. Above it sits the wall-mounted television and more storage cabinets. This unique design also hides wiring and clutter from view, creating a streamlined surface that stretches all the way to the entrance.

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#5 Pushcart-inspired desk
unique home renovation idea by DSOD Interior (5)

The owners of this HDB flat loves vintage design and furniture. Every space in this flat bears the connotation but the most remarkable feature is in the living room. A custom desk that sits park behind the sofa takes the form of a pushcart stall, which brilliantly integrates vintage bicycle wheels and handlebar for added pizzazz.

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