Got a small home? Why custom carpentry may be just what you need

Custom carpentry can be a great option for small homes when done right. Here are awesome examples from the practical to the truly transformative.

  • Got a small home? Why custom carpentry may be just what you need

Text by Janice Seow

Is having loose furniture or more custom work better for small spaces? There’s no one answer to this, given that each home situation and renovation budget is different. However, here are five homes that have invested well in custom carpentry, and are reaping the fruits.

#1 Playground in an apartment

Yes, you can have a playground in an apartment, even if it’s only 915 square feet! This fun kid’s room is designed to nurture the imagination with a custom indoor playground that morphs into the sleeping area at one end. This is a futureproof design that can be converted into a wardrobe and storage space with some carpentry disassembly and adjustments (clothes rails and drawers can be added) when the children outgrow their play zone.

The large custom sliding doors can also be fully opened so the parents can keep a better eye on the children, and the room feels so much more airy and spacious.

Design by HAO Design. See full story here

#2 Banquette seating

small homes

Finding enough space for everyone around the dining table can be a bit of challenge in small homes, especially when company comes calling. Banquette seating, while a fixed fixture, can also accommodate more people around the table, fit into corners, and leave more walking room, when done right. You can also incorporate storage under the benches. And we have to say, they are just so cosy, comfortable and chic.

Design by Design of Schatz. See full story here

#3 The transformer flat

small homes

The single lady living in this three-room flat has invested big in custom carpentry. A large-sized dining table suitable for dinner parties is neatly concealed in the seamless feature wall that maintains the apartment’s roomy feel, and can be taken out only when there’s a need. The feature wall also conceals lots of storage, including a custom nook designed in suitable dimensions to fit a stool.

Design by Chalk Architects. See full story here

#4 Storage and more storage


The best thing about this minimalist home is what you cannot see. To make this four-room flat appear larger than it is, the designer has introduced seamless, built-in cabinetry all across the walls in the common areas. With that level of carpentry, there’s no fuss or worry about having enough storage or if the furniture pieces go together – everything is kept neatly out of sight to achieve a clutter-free and space-efficient home.

Design by Hock Hoon. See full story here

#5 Every dog deserves its palace

Even in small homes, there’s always an opportunity to give your pet it’s own dedicated room. In this condo, a small opening was carved out within the feature wall in the living room to accommodate a cosy dog house for the owners’ Corgi. Above it sits the wall-mounted television and more storage cabinets.

Design by DSOD. See more DSOD homes

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