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6 creative ways to use tiles in your home

Tiles are no longer used just on floors, kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls. Here are some cool ideas on how you can use this beautiful material differently.

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

#1 Create a feature wall
tiles as feature wall by I.D.I.D tiles as feature wall by wee studio

Forget paint and wallpaper. Use tiles to add texture, dimension and colour to your wall. Regardless of the tile shape you use to create a feature wall, you’re guaranteed to have a unique design you can call your own. See full home feature of wee studio here.
Design by I.D.I.D and wee studio

#2 Beautify the stair risers
tiles on stair risers by Prozfile

A staircase is an important feature in connecting the upper and lower level. Yet, not much thought is put into its design, except for the handrail. We think it’s time the stair risers get a makeover with beautiful tiles. To create a cohesive design language throughout your home, use leftover tiles from your home renovation project. See full home feature here.
Design by Prozfile

#3 Make an unconventional headboarduse tiles on headboard by HABIT

Swap out your boring, upholstered headboard with an unconventional tiled one that instantly elevates the bedroom. Unlike fabric headboard, this one doesn’t collect dust, making it easier to clean. See full home feature here.
Design by HABIT

#4 Replace an area rug
tiles as area rug by Home Journal

An area rug injects colour and clearly defines a space. So can tiles. These floral Peranakan floor tiles function like an area rug by demarcating the dining area from the kitchen beautifully. Also, should you spill food, or worse, wine, a quick wipe is all it takes to remove all evidence. See full home feature in the Lookbox Annual 2019 issue.
Design by Home Journal

#5 Jazz up the base of a kitchen islandtiles on kitchen island base by Wynk Collaborative

The kitchen island is on most homeowners want list during renovation, and many would spend on beautiful stone countertop. But it really pays to dress the base of the island too. One of the most economical ways is to clad it with colourful or patterned tiles, ultimately making the island the star of your kitchen or open-plan living space.
Design by Wynk Collaborative

#6 Decorate the ceiling
tiles as ceiling treatment by HABIT

Most people leave their ceilings bare with just a lick of white paint. Some paint them a different colour while others layer wallpaper on them. But if you’re feeling a little adventurous, try tiling your ceiling. It can make a whole world of difference to a space, especially when light bounces off of the surface. See full home feature here.
Design by HABIT

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