7 reasons to love Lookbox Annual 2019

The new Lookbox Annual 2019 features 232 pages of incredible interiors, products and reno ideas, including the 30 Singapore interior design firms you should know. Here are all the reasons why you should get yourself a copy.

  • 7 reasons to love Lookbox Annual 2019

Note from the editor, Janice Seow

Renovating one’s home can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It can also be extremely stressful. Managing a budget, navigating the load of design choices in the market, as well as unexpected issues that crop up during the actual reno can put a damper on things.

That’s where Lookbox Annual 2019 comes in. Our jumbo-sized, 232-page sourcebook comes loaded with all the useful information, ideas, products and designers to help you reno like a pro! What’s inside:

#1 A 10-step guide to the perfect home renovation

We take you step by step through the reno process, from picking the right designer to understanding your spatial plan, picking a material palette, kitting out the kitchen and more.

#2 Thoughtful product curation

The 10-step guide also features a selected list of beautiful products to help make your house a home.

#3 Useful reno checklist

Even after renovations are complete, the work’s not done! We’ve included a reno checklist of things to look into before your actual move.

#4 Hitlist of 30 Singapore interior design firms

Lookbox Annual 2019 profiles 30 talented interior design firms. We’ve asked them a whole bunch of questions to help you know them better!

#5 Diverse house types

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving into an HDB flat, apartment or a landed property – the annual covers tons of stunning projects from each housing type.

#6 Styles for every taste

Minimalist, contemporary, industrial and more – the annual offers different looks for different tastes.

#7 It’s also a coffee table book!

Lookbox Annual 2019 is not just a reno sourcebook but a coffee table book with beautifully photographed people and homes to inspire conversations and of course, your next reno…


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