Stairs we love, from around the globe

Here are 4 stunning staircases around the world that excite the imagination.

  • Stairs we love, from around the globe

  • Stairs we love, from around the globe

  • Stairs we love, from around the globe

  • Stairs we love, from around the globe


#1 Function meets art (Singapore)

In the Singaporean project by RT+Q, the architects have transformed the staircase into a beautiful sculptural statement to complement the lines of the house.



#2 The see-through steps (Singapore)

In the same Singaporean project, RT+Q proves that staircases don’t all have to be solid, concrete blocks. This perforated metal staircase doesn’t just take you upstairs; its see-through design also lets light through to create a bright and airy atmosphere.



#3 Storage underfoot (Australia)

Multifunctional staircases are a particular favourite of ours, because they are so relevant to Singapore’s spatially-challenged homes. For his own house, Australian architect Andrew Maynard has created a staircase with slots for books, shoes, etc. The cheery yellow shade also brightens this narrow passageway.
Photography by Tess Kelly


Cool Staircases

#4 Look, great view! (Taiwan)

A dark and narrow town house in Taiwan is now a bright, airy and liveable space thanks to some clever interventions by KC Design Studio. We love how the lack of stair railings enforces this plan of openness and encourages greater interaction between those at the table and those going up (or down) and staircase. Not to mention the great way in which the staircase seamlessly forms part of the design of the kitchen cabinetry.




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