4 economical ways to make your home look more luxurious

What makes a home luxurious? It’s not about how much you spend on your interior design, but how it looks and feels. Here’s a guide on getting the luxurious look without breaking the bank.

  • 4 economical ways to make your home look more luxurious

  • 4 economical ways to make your home look more luxurious

  • 4 economical ways to make your home look more luxurious

  • 4 economical ways to make your home look more luxurious

Text by Redzman Rahmat

#1 Pick a colour scheme that exudes sophistication

The choice of colours can greatly influence the mood in your home. To evoke a sense of luxe, keep to a tightly curated scheme, making sure that the walls, floors, furniture and even accessories go well together. This however, doesn’t mean that everything in your home needs to be the exact shade. Instead, go for complementary colours. This also allows you to add depth to your space. Two failproof colour combinations are all black with a hint of gold and white with a touch of glitz.

#2 Choose alternative materials that are luxe to the touch

luxury look with Lamitak Humboldt Street laminate

Lamitak Humboldt Street laminate

One of the biggest factors that affect the interior design of a home is the material palette, which is why luxury homes are typically heavy on the textures, with rich details that are exquisite to the touch. Examples include marble, quartz and hardwood. These materials are relatively expensive as they are naturally occurring and come from finite sources. But thanks to modern technology, man-made materials can now replicate these materials without compromising on quality and aesthetics. They are also often highly durable. Best part is, they come with a less hefty price tag. Here are three examples you can consider: vinyl, solid surface and laminate.

#3 Create a focal point with statement pieces

luxury look by GAN and Joey Khu ID

Left: Design by Joey KHU ID; Right: Mirage rug by GAN from P5

Not many people are able to furnish their homes with designer furniture. Thankfully, there are many retailers selling well designed pieces at affordable prices. But if you truly want to give your home an elevated sense of sophistication, it might be worth investing in one or two statement pieces that you could style the rest of the home around. It could be an eye-catching armchair, a standout floor lamp, or even a patterned rug.

#4 Create the luxury of space

In many cosmopolitan cities, land space is scarce, hence homes are small. When we’re limited by our square footage, space might actually be considered the most valuable commodity. And it seems that many homeowners are catching on to this, with the minimalist movement continuing to gain traction. Understated luxury is a look that might seem simple at first glance, but a closer look reveals carefully thought out design elements and meticulous space planning. There are three ways to celebrate the luxury of space with a minimalist home. Firstly, stick to a neutral colour and textural palette. Secondly, pay close attention to shapes. Lastly, curate your furniture selection.

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