Sanctuary in a Sentosa Cove penthouse

Home to a family of three, this penthouse is a monochrome sanctuary with plenty of space for changing needs.

  • Sanctuary in a Sentosa Cove penthouse

Home Type: 3-bedroom penthouse

Floor Area: 3,111sqft

Text by Angela Low

Without a television, the living room in this Sentosa Cove penthouse boasts a pared-down appearance that highlights the raw, concrete-like texture of the feature wall. The same material, which was imported from Hong Kong, is used on the ceiling as well for greater impact.

penthouse by Swift Interior

During the day, the living room enjoys ample sunlight from the balcony. At night, the interior turns into a cosy sanctuary with layers of warm lighting that illuminate the staircase. The rest of the space is kept clean and simple. This not only makes the penthouse feel brighter and more spacious, but also leaves room for changes to be made to the decor as the family’s needs evolve over time.

corridor with art

The corridor beside the kitchen feels like a mini art gallery with a trio of sculptures on display. As the homeowners are artistically inclined, it was a must to carve out little nooks in the penthouse to showcase their favourite collectibles and artworks. The designers allowed these statement-making pieces to shine by keeping the rest of the house largely unadorned.

private lift lobby

An oceanfront penthouse with private elevators, this residence was designed with luxury in mind. Its interiors had to reflect an upscale atmosphere. To accomplish this, the designers went with a handsome colour scheme of black wood veneers, greyish textures and light brown tones. Although this ran the risk of appearing overly dark and sombre, the designers managed to create a well-balanced look of sophistication instead.

penthouse balcony

The homeowners didn’t want the balcony to have too many plants that would require maintenance. They also felt that a full-scale garden would take up space needed for lounging and communal gatherings. The designers landed on an alternative that could still provide that refreshing pop of green and recreate a garden-like experience – artificial grass.

penthouse bedroom

Large format stone-effect wall tiles give the illusion of a higher ceiling in the master bedroom, and create a strong yet subtle visual focal point. In keeping with the abode’s monochrome scheme, the designers paired the light coloured wall tiles with dark floors and black accents in the form of a luxurious bedframe and a slim television console.

Swift Interior

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