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These stunning quartz surfaces will raise the luxe factor of your home

One of Australia’s most trusted supplier of quartz surfaces, Smartstone, is finally available in Singapore.

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There’s no denying that when it comes to surfacing materials in the home, nothing beats the luxe appeal of natural stone. From the intricate veining of organic marble to the speckled beauty of natural quartz, these naturally forming stones look and feel great in any interior setting. The problem, however, comes with the fact that they require rigorous maintenance.

With new technology, man-made materials can replicate the beauty of these materials, but without the hassle of constant upkeep. And now, one of Australia’s most recognised suppliers of engineered quartz, Smartstone, is exclusively available in Singapore at Hafary.

Smartstone is a surface material composed of a minimum of 93 per cent natural quartz, resins and pigment, manufactured using advanced technology to recreate the beauty of natural stone but with a stronger and more durable surface. Smartstone is virtually non-porous, and resistant to heat, scratches, staining and chipping. You can even use this material in wet areas of your home, like the bathroom and kitchen.

There are four collections, with a total of 26 unique designs to choose from. Each presents an innovative surface that perfectly replicates the depth and intricacy of natural stones, while delivering the practical benefits and affordability of quartz.

Santorini Collection features dazzlingly beautiful whites and luminous veined stones.


Milan Collection exudes edgy elegance with its innovative black and grey palette.



Toledo Collection has a warmer and earthier palette of neutrals


Paris Collection boasts of sophisticated greys and browns, mixed with classical veining

View the Smartstone quartz materials at Hafary, Tel: 6250 1368, www.hafary.com.sg, enquiry@hafary.com.sg.


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